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Live Streaming, Lecture and Room Capture

Planet eStream provides a simple solution for live streaming, lecture, and room capture. Perfect for organisations looking to stream events live, provision a dedicated lesson and lecture capture platform, or deploy a discreet lesson observation system.

Lecture and Room Capture

Planet eStream Lecture and Room Capture tools provide a scalable and cost-effective solution for organisations looking to live stream, record and archive lectures, lessons and more. Autonomous hardware makes deployment simple, and eliminates the requirement for educators to set up and start streams, so they can focus on delivering their lessons and lectures. There is also support for multiple inputs, voice transcription services, room indicator lights, Office 365 Calendars and much more.

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Live Streaming with Planet eStream
Key Highlights...
Discover the benefits of Lecture and Room Capture with Planet eStream
No Limit to the Number of Rooms

Planet eStream can easily be rolled out across your organisation with no per room cost, enabling you to support lesson and lecture capture in as many rooms as you require, without having to factor in increased licence fees. This model also provides flexibility for those looking to scale out their capture provision gradually, as there are no hidden licence costs to consider when introducing additional rooms over time.

No Limit to the Number of Rooms
Support CPD and Sharing Best Practice

The Room Capture toolset is also perfect for monitoring classroom activity for behavioural observation, security, peer review and creation of ‘best practice’ materials for CPD. Providing a simple and discreet workflow, whereby recordings of good practice can be shared with peers and archived for use as CPD training resources.

Low Cost Hardware Support

Planet eStream supports low cost and discreet IP based video capture devices. Once online, these devices work autonomously, streaming and recording scheduled room activity. This greatly streamlines the room capture process for lecturers or teachers, removing any requirement for them to set up hardware or configure recordings.

Planet eStream will work with most IP based video encoders, for ease, we offer off-the-shelf IP devices and complete room capture solutions that include suitable cameras, microphones, indicator lights and more.

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Centralised Management and Scheduling

Managing your rooms and scheduling live streams and recordings is made simple via a web-based room scheduler, providing administrators with 24/7 access from any internet connected device.

Centralised Management with Planet eStream
Auto Transcription

Subtitles can automatically be added to recordings using the built-in automatic transcription services - assisting organisations in meeting their accessibility targets.

Auto Transcriptions with Planet eStream
Quick Capture

Lecturers and teachers also benefit from the ‘Capture Now’ feature - great for creating ad-hoc recordings in available rooms.

Indicator Lights

Indicator lights provide a visual sign to both educators and students, notifying them that the room recording is ‘in session’.

Capture from Multiple Sources

Room capture often includes multiple video sources, including cameras, microphones, whiteboards and projectors. Planet eStream capture tools are incredibly flexible, enabling you to capture from multiple audio and video sources simultaneously.

Capture from Multiple Sources with Planet eStream
Secure Delivery to Any Device

Students and educators can access live streams or recordings of lectures, lessons, or events from anywhere and from any device. Organisations also have full control over their Planet eStream platform, enabling them to control who the streams are made available to.

Secure Delivery to Any Device with Planet eStream
Microsoft Office 365 Calendar Support

Integrate your room capture schedule with Microsoft Office 365 and automatically publish scheduled recordings to your organisation’s calendar.

Room Changes

We all know that schedules can change at the last moment. Planet eStream includes flexibility that enables authorised users to change the room of a scheduled recording whilst still retaining the original schedule, information, and metadata.

Built In Chat for Remote Viewers

Provide a seamless hybrid learning model and offer participation opportunities for students working remotely. The built-in chat function provides a simple mechanism for remote viewers to ask questions.

Built In Chat for Remote Viewers

One Click Live Streaming

Live streaming is a key requirement for many educational organisations; however, many are still searching for a hassle-free solution to deliver regular broadcasts of key events. Planet eStream removes the complexity usually associated with delivering live video streams.

Perfect for live streaming...

  • Sporting Events
  • Assemblies
  • Guest Speakers
  • Live Drama or Music Productions
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Conferences
One Click Live Streaming with Planet eStream

Simple Live Streaming Tools

The Planet eStream Live Encoder is an innovative application for Windows based computers, enabling users to generate live broadcasts at the click of a button, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Live Streaming for iOS

Planet eStream also offers an iOS application that allows users to upload and broadcast video content with ease. The abundance of mobile devices within education makes live streaming from iPads and iPhones an incredibly easy and cost-effective solution.

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Flexible Hardware Support

The Live Encoder application supports a wide range of video and audio sources that your users can connect to and stream from at the click of a button, including...

  • Webcams
  • Video Cameras
  • Desktop Capture
  • Capture Cards
  • USB Devices
  • IP Cameras
  • RTMP Streams
Planet eStream iPad

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