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Video On Demand Media Library

Covering the core aspects of Planet eStream. Let us guide you through the tools available that enable you to turn your media items into learning resources.

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TV and Radio Resources

This course uncovers how to access the great TV and Radio resources available through Planet eStream. It will cover TV and Radio Recording, the Planet eStream Connect archive and utilising the subtitle search.

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Live Streaming, Lecture & Room Capture

This course covers all aspects of our Room and Lecture Capture tools, plus Live Streaming via our Windows-based Live Encoder and iOS app.

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Digital Signage

This course is designed to get you up and running quickly with Planet eStream Digital Signage. On completion you will be able to set up and manage signage screens, plus create and distribute screen designs.

Photo Module Course
Photo Module

This course runs through all the features and administrative functions of the Planet eStream Photo Module.

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Sharing Content and Plugins

This course runs through all the options available to educators for sharing media with others and/or embedding media into other platforms, including using our bespoke VLE plugins.

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Planet eStream for Administrators

This course is designed for those responsible for the set up and maintenance of your Planet eStream platform and covers some of the key administrative functionality.