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Solving the Digital Media Puzzle with Centralised Content Management

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Over the past few years that has been an explosion in media usage within education. This ranges from the delivery of classroom resources, asking learners to watch videos for homework and flipped learning purposes, delivery of media to parents to improve parental engagement and displaying important messaging and information using digital signage. There are many different platforms available that can assist with this, but Planet eStream utilises a unified approach, handling all of your organisations’ media requirements in one simple to manage and use platform. Many platforms are designed with business users in mind, meaning they don’t offer the flexible permissions structure that educational organisations require. They are also often timely to administrate and difficult for educators and students to use. Planet eStream is designed squarely with education in mind. Offering all the functionality required for all aspects of media management and delivery. Organisations, therefore, save time whilst also reducing their spending on subscriptions to multiple platforms. For example, replace separate contracts for video-on-demand, digital signage, room capture and live streaming platforms with one central platform that supports all of these technologies. I have highlighted some key ways that our customers benefit from Planet eStream on a daily basis.

Simple Upload and Recording Tools

Planet eStream provides simple tools for uploading and recording content. The simple upload tools can be used to add video files in any format from any device. This saves time and ensures that videos are added as soon as they are recorded. Users can also add content using their mobile devices. Planet eStream offers apps for both iOS and Android. Alternatively, you can upload directly from your devices web browser.Content can be added directly to subject-based categories during the upload process. This ensures content is immediately available to the desired audience and is easily located.

Chapters and Video Editing

Commonly, educators only want to share a short snippet of content with their learners rather than an entire video. The simple Chapter tools allow educators to create those snippets with a couple of mouse clicks, saving a significant amount of time. Planet eStream also includes a full web-based video editor. This provides a simple-to-use tool for top-and-tailing videos, editing multiple videos together, adding titles, audio tracks and new narration with the voiceover functionality.

Create Interactive Videos and Quizzes

Planet eStream includes interactive video and quiz tools to increase engagement with video content. These tools allow educators to create interactive video content, including questions, drawings, annotations, and links.

Sharing and Embedding Content

Planet eStream includes simple sharing options so that content is delivered to learners directly. This can be via another learning platform such as Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom, via email, or embedded into SharePoint, OneNote, PowerPoint, or Sway. Additionally, Planet eStream includes seamless integrations with leading VLE and LMS platforms. These include Moodle, Canvas, Firefly, Frog, Blackboard, Brightspace, Aula, itslearning and others.

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