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Moving Your Planet eStream Platform to the Cloud

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Move to the Planet eStream Cloud

Joining our Cloud Community

During recent years, we have experienced a significant trend in our customers with locally deployed platforms, choosing to move to our cloud platform. Cloud hosting has proved popular for organisations looking for scalability, flexibility, secure infrastructure and the ability to leverage enterprise-class cloud-based technologies.

We have successfully migrated many of our existing customers since we launched our cloud platform in 2016 and currently, almost all new customers choose a cloud-based deployment.

What Additional Features are Only Available to
Cloud Hosted Planet eStream Platforms?

Dedicated Lecture and Classroom Capture Tools

Cloud Platforms that Subscribe to the Live Streaming Module get access to dedicated Lecture and Classroom Capture tools. This brand-new toolset simplifies the streaming and recording of lectures and classroom activity - everything is centrally managed, removing the requirement for any setup by teachers and lecturers, allowing them to focus on delivering their lessons and lectures.

  • Lecture/Classroom Capture Tools with Unlimited Room Licence
  • Autonomous Settings Remove any Setup Requirements for Teaching Staff
  • Centralised Management and Scheduling
  • Low-Cost Hardware Support
  • Built-In Auto Transcription Options
  • Microsoft Office 365 Calendar Support
  • Multiple Capture Input with Custom Viewing Options
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Microsoft Teams App

Microsoft Teams has quickly become a very popular platform for delivering remote learning. As a Microsoft Partner, we are able to offer a great workflow and Planet eStream Cloud Platforms can take advantage of the Planet eStream Teams App with some of the following benefits:

  • Share and view digital resources that are stored on your Planet eStream platform within Microsoft Teams
  • Share Interactive Videos and Quizzes created in Planet eStream, via Microsoft Teams. Students can then view and complete shared videos and quizzes, with the analytics and quiz results being recorded – all without leaving the Teams environment.
  • Organisations that subscribe to the TV and Radio Resources Module can access to the TV and Radio Recorder and the Planet eStream Connect Archive from within Teams.
  • The Planet eStream Virtual Class Tool is available within Microsoft Teams, providing a great mechanism for educators to present and discuss content with students.
  • Access to the Planet eStream Upload tool for adding your recorded Microsoft Teams meetings to your Planet eStream platform.
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Comprehensive Embedding Into Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Sway and linking into Google Classroom

Our integrations with other key platforms enable our cloud platform customers to seamlessly deliver digital learning resources stored on their Planet eStream platforms within these environments.

  • Share entire videos, chapters, or quizzes directly via these platforms for streamlined delivery either within the classroom or for homework
  • Flip the classroom by using the web recorder tool in conjunction with these platforms
  • Combine with other types of media such as documents, photos, and transcripts to create SCORM style material
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Cloud hosted TV and Radio Recording

The Planet eStream TV and Radio Recorder is a popular feature. Most local platforms will have a physical device onsite to provide this functionality, for cloud platform customers, this is provisioned via our cloud-based TV and Radio Recording service, delivering a number of additional benefits:

  • Longer Programme Guide cache for enhanced retrospective recording up to 21 days
  • Over 100 free-to-air channels available
  • Access to selected satellite channels, including 25 foreign language channels for MFL departments or ESOL students
  • No requirement to maintain and run local Freeview recording hardware
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Technical and Infrastructure Advantages

All updates applied automatically, ensuring that latest powerful features are readily available to your users

All backups handled automatically by the Cloud Platform at very regular intervals and with multi-data centre redundancy

Reduction in the use of your organisation’s bandwidth when your users are viewing content from home

Cheap and easily expandable storage

No overheads for running local system, such as power and maintenance.

No requirement for costly hardware upgrades and renewals

Migrating to the Cloud Couldn’t Be Easier!

We have made the migration process extremely simple and require very little input from your IT team. One of our experienced project managers will take charge of migrating your platform, this includes a full migration of data from your locally hosted Planet eStream to your new cloud platform.

The procedure is seamless and will not result in any downtime, meaning you can switch from local to cloud without anyone even noticing!

What are the Costs for Moving to the Cloud?

Cloud platforms are only available on annual subscription. This means any existing Perpetual Licence holders wishing to move to the cloud, will first need to move to our annual subscription pricing model.

Additional cloud costs may also include a one-off professional service fee for the migration itself, and any costs for any supplementary storage or bandwidth you may require.

The easiest way to find out an accurate cost to move to your Planer eStream platform to the cloud, is to complete our short form below and one of our team will be in touch.

Contact us about Moving to the Cloud
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