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The Unified Video Platform

For Commercial, Healthcare & Government Organisations
Medical Planet eStream Interface
Medical Planet eStream Interface
Medical Planet eStream Interface
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What is Planet eStream?

Planet eStream is an enterprise video platform providing commercial, healthcare and government organisations with a secure and sophisticated digital asset management and delivery solution. A platform where media can be stored, created, managed, and delivered to staff, key stakeholders and clients securely and with ease.

As a modular platform, Planet eStream enables organisations to select the key technologies that support their project and budget, these modules are...

Planet eStream Media Library
Media Library

Everything to securely manage, deliver and create digital resources

  • Planet eStream Media Library Secure online hosting for all your media
  • Planet eStream Media Library Control user access to content and tools
  • Planet eStream Media Library Create chapters and edit videos
  • Planet eStream Media Library Custom UI branding tools
  • Planet eStream Media Library Interactive tools including quizzes
Planet eStream Room Capture
Room Capture & Live Streaming

A simple and cost-effective live streaming and room capture solution

  • Planet eStream Media Library Capture from multiple sources
  • Planet eStream Media Library No per room licence cost
  • Planet eStream Media Library Inexpensive & autonomous hardware support
  • Planet eStream Media Library Built-in auto-transcription options
  • Planet eStream Media Library Integrates with Microsoft Office Calendars and Teams
Planet eStream Digital Signage
Digital Signage

Enterprise-class tools enable you to create and manage your Digital Signage from anywhere

  • Planet eStream Media Library Unlimited screen licence as standard
  • Planet eStream Media Library Multi-panel screen designs
  • Planet eStream Media Library Add video, images, feeds, social media and more
  • Planet eStream Media Library Sophisticated and flexible scheduling
  • Planet eStream Media Library Centrally managed from anywhere
Planet eStream Image Management
Image Management

Dedicated tools for handling your photos and images providing a complete digital asset management solution

  • Planet eStream Image Management Dedicated image management tools & workflow
  • Planet eStream Image Management Simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Planet eStream Image Management Geo-tagging support with map search
  • Planet eStream Image Management AI assisted searching
  • Planet eStream Image Management Built-in digital consent / sign-off forms
Planet eStream Homepage
Why do you need an Enterprise Video Platform?

Recent advancements in technology have generated huge increases in the demand for online video. On a day-to-day basis, social video platforms like 'YouTube' and Vimeo, or entertainment services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, fulfil this demand. From this, we can see that video is the format that most people engage with more successfully than any other. According to Cisco, by the end of 2021, global business internet video traffic will be 70% of all business Internet traffic - up from 61% in 2016.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has also accelerated the adoption of video technologies across all sectors, with many organisations now using video as a key communication and training tool. Recent reports show that 95% of companies now use video as part of their internal training provision.

The stumbling block for many organisations is what platform to use to support their expanding media requirements. Common social video platforms do not provide the security, corporate image, scalability, and flexibility to support the use of video within a large organisation.

Planet eStream enables any organisation to deliver and manage all their media from their own branded secure platform. This corporate 'YouTube' style' environment provides complete control over how you can share your content. This includes the ability to reach out and push media directly to specific groups of staff and, in turn, monitor their interactions with your media.

Planet eStream is an essential tool for any organisation focussed on gaining maximum benefit from their investments in infrastructure, hardware, media production and, most importantly, people.

What is Planet eStream

A central media library for all of your digital assets

What is Planet eStream

Delivery of your video training materials

What is Planet eStream

Record and live stream room activity, e.g. CPD, training, seminars, focus-groups

What is Planet eStream

Create interactive video-based quizzes to support work-based learning

What is Planet eStream

Communicate key messaging with engaging digital signage

What is Planet eStream

Live stream company news and updates

What is Planet eStream

Image management and archiving

What is Planet eStream

Live broadcast company events, keynote speeches and conferences

Using Planet eStream

Planet eStream is currently supporting corporate, healthcare and public sector organisations in delivering on their digital strategies. Whilst each individual organisation tends to have their own key requirements, the range of applications detailed below provides a flavour of how you could benefit from investing in Planet eStream for your organisation.

What is Planet eStream

Employee Training & Engagement

What is Planet eStream

Research & Development

What is Planet eStream

Company Content Management & Archiving

What is Planet eStream

Marketing & Communications

What is Planet eStream
Employee Training & Engagement

Video is a great way to increase employee engagement and cost savings by delivering your training programmes more efficiently.

Planet eStream enables you to deliver and manage your digital training resources with ease whilst maintaining your intellectual property of your valuable content. The platform comes complete with an intuitive integrated content creation toolset, enabling organisations to create both generic and personalised training resources. You can even change basic passive viewing into an interactive experience that increases employee engagement and provides detailed analytic feedback for management.

You can use Planet eStream to streamline the delivery of:
  • Induction and onboarding programmes
  • Health and safety training
  • Sales training
  • Company announcements and news
  • Product training
  • Market updates
  • Work based learning initiatives for CPD
  • Sharing best practice
  • Monitoring staff progress and assessment
  • Observation of practical skills
What is Planet eStream
Marketing & Communications

Video is a fantastic catalyst for delivering effective messaging to staff, key stakeholders, supply chains, current customers and prospective clients. With Planet eStream you can easily syndicate your media across multiple platforms such as websites, virtual learning environments and social media platforms, to deliver key and consistent messaging across all marketing and communication channels.

An emerging key application for engaging staff and visitors is the use of digital signage within an organisation. Typically, there is a requirement to display multiple media items and messages on one display and incorporate social media feeds. Planet eStream has a specific digital signage module as part of the platform. It enables you to create engaging screen designs, incorporating any media on your Planet eStream platform and send them to individual screens, groups of screens or video walls within your organisation.

Planet eStream enables you to engage with your audience professionally via...
  • Recording and live broadcasting/streaming of events and conferences
  • Online engagement with video via your website
  • Providing your clients with secure access to specific resources
  • Social media channels
  • Digital signage displays and video walls
  • Video based product demonstrations
  • Online presentations
  • Corporate communications
  • Work based learning platforms
  • Creating dynamic & engaging image galleries
What is Planet eStream
Company Content Management & Archiving

An organisation’s growth and the sheer volume of media content they need to handle are directly related. The amount of media required increases as more staff and clients need to be supported with resources.

It is imperative for organisations to be strategic about their media management and to treat these assets with a similar level of importance as any vital documents that would be archived and preserved on an ongoing basis. Preserving intellectual property of an organisation’s digital assets requires a clear strategy around managing, curating and archiving of resources and Planet eStream provides a perfect solution to this challenge.

Planet eStream enables you to take total control of your growing media assets. The unique flexibility allows organisations to manage and curate their media to suit their exact requirements...
  • Design your own category structure to organise content
  • Create a bespoke look and feel for your video platform to echo your corporate branding
  • Add your own metadata fields for accurate tagging of media
  • Protect your valuable content in a secure company maintained system
  • Preserve the intellectual property of your valuable digital assets
What is Planet eStream
Research & Development

Whatever vertical market you operate in, accurately logging and/or recording your processes is crucial to collaboration, accurate decision making and assessment of practical skills within your workforce.

Many companies rely heavily on skills based assessment of staff and user feedback from product trials, focus groups etc. and therefore need to record these as evidence.

The recording and archiving of qualitative research and assessment material needs to be a simple process for your staff or stakeholders to engage with and manage. Planet eStream provides excellent recording tools to streamline and simplify this process for your teams.

Planet eStream’s recording tools coupled with the comprehensive content management features enables organisations to...
  • Record focus groups or product testing without the requirement for third party software
  • Securely live stream focus groups or product testings to remote viewers
  • Record skills based evidence for staff development and assessment
  • Securely store media containing sensitive information
  • Allow secure access to relevant content for key stakeholders
Our Integration Partners

Planet eStream integrates with many learning and collaborative platforms, these include

Planet eStream Microsoft Teams Integration
Planet eStream canvas
Planet eStream moodle
Planet eStream Microsoft Sharepoint
Planet eStream blackboard
Planet eStream d2l
Planet eStream Microsoft OneNote
Planet eStream Itslearning Integration
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