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The Unified Video Platform for Schools, School Groups & Multi-Academy Trusts

A central platform that supports multiple digital media technologies, including digital signage, classroom capture, digital asset management, video-based learning resources and more...

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School Groups and Multi-academy trusts
The Digital Media Revolution

Due to the increased usage of digital media within schools, there is now a plethora of EdTech companies offering apps, software packages and platforms to deliver digital signage, digital asset management, classroom capture, digital learning resources and more.

Having a choice is great; however, the feedback we get from many schools is that there are an increasing number of platforms to manage, which is time-consuming and onerous. This is because most solutions are only designed to complete one piece of the jigsaw, creating a lack of cohesion, poor workflow, increased training and staff support requirements, and meaning that schools pay more for multiple subscriptions.

An Introduction to Planet eStream

Watch a short 3 minute overview of the tools and features that Planet eStream offers...

What Does Planet eStream Offer Schools?

Planet eStream is a unified platform, incorporating the essential digital media technologies schools use into one secure and central platform. Not only does it save money, but it provides a cohesive solution for teachers, students, and school IT teams.

Live Streaming & Classroom Capture

A slick and cost-effective platform to live stream and record lessons without teachers having to setup and hardware or software. You can also securely broadcast school events internally and externally with ease.

Learn More about Classroom Capture Video Platform For Schools
Digital Signage

A well established Digital Signage solution for schools within the UK and globally. Say goodbye to simple slideshows - our multi-panel designer offers true digital signage tools to create engaging signage content to wow the whole school community.

Learn More about Signage Digital Signage For Schools
Photo Management

Dedicated photo and image management tools to provide a complete digital asset management solution for schools.

Learn More about Photo Management Photo Management For Schools
Video Platform

Create a ‘YouTube Style’ media library for your school to create, manage, and deliver digital resources to the whole school community.

Learn More about our Video Platform >Media Library For Schools
Video-Based Learning Resources

Access to world-class educational content from a wide range of major broadcasters. Teachers can record TV or browse and add programmes or films from a library of only 2 million items.

Learn More about Learning Resources Video-Based Learning Resources For Schools

We offer integrations with many other integral school platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, VLE’s, parent portals, library systems and management systems. Our many technical integrations, including directory integration for SSO, create a seamless ecosystem for staff and students.

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Planet eStream is a flexible, modular platform...

You can pick and choose the technologies that best supports your school or group, and if further down the line you expand your digital media provision, you can easily add features.

You only pay for what you need and adding features to your existing platform costs significantly less than a new subscription to another disparate service.

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School Groups and Multi-academy trusts

School Groups & Multi-Academy Trusts

Manage Your Digital Media Technologies Centrally

The scalability and customisation tools of Planet eStream offer significant benefits to School Groups and Multi-Academy Trusts; as one platform can serve multiple schools, everything is managed at a group level, and content between schools can be shared.

A group can also choose to devolve responsibility and enable each school within the group to manage its content—for example, digital signage content, digital media assets or classroom recordings. Essentially every school feels like they have their own Planet eStream platform with their branding and content. However, the overarching control still lies at the group level.

One Central Platform

IT teams can manage media, features and permissions at a group level.

Devolved Control

Enable individual schools to create & manage their own content, signage and more.

Secure & Simple User Access

We support many authentications mechanism, including Office 365, ADFS, Active Directory and Google.


Create a custom branded interface for your school group.

Media Tagging

Custom media tagging across your entire installation.

Custom Category Structure

Control how media is organised across your entire school group.

Flexible Permissions

Control the content and features available to different sets of users.

Unlimited Digital Signage

No limit to the number of digital signage screens that can be added. Grow your digital signage provision without increasing costs.

Unlimited Licence for Classroom Capture

There is no limit to the number of rooms you can record and stream class activity.

Cost-effective Group Pricing

We have a flexible pricing model for school groups that include the ability to add more schools as your group grows.


Secure media management with built-in tools to support your GDPR strategy.

Talk to one of our School Specialists to discover more about how Planet eStream can support your school group.

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EdTech Resources for Schools

Our expert team have put together a series of helpful technology guides and documents covering all aspects of digital media technology

Classroom Capture

Getting Started with Classroom Capture

We often get asked about the best way to set up a classroom for recording and streaming. This short guide provides an introduction to the technology and will take you through some steps and aspects you should consider.

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Solving the Digital Media Puzzle

Solving the Digital Media Puzzle with Centralised Content Management

Everything you need to know about creating a successful digital signage strategy!

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Why Planet eStream?

A Game-Changing, Enterprise-Class Video Platform for Schools

Planet eStream is Flexible
Powerful & Flexible

Planet eStream has become the digital media solution for schools, school groups, and entire education authorities who want to support video-based teaching, learning and communications across their estate. The flexible tools and features benefit everyone working with video and digital media content, including IT teams, teachers, marketing and communications teams, and students.

An EdTech Platform You Can Trust

With over 25 years of experience, we understand the requirement of schools and school groups better than anyone else. Our friendly consultants and technical team will work with you throughout the installation, roll-out and aftercare, to ensure that your Unified Video Platform meets all of your needs.

Planet eStream Understands
Planet eStream
Aftercare You Can Rely On

Our UK based team offer premium support with no restrictions as standard. There is also free access to the Planet eStream Academy for onboarding and training staff, which includes on-demand training resources, monthly webinars, the Planet eStream Certified User Program and more.

macmillan Academy
Inspiration from Our Community

A Real-Life Example of Planet eStream in Action

Iain McKeown, Macmillan Academy, Part of the Endeavour Academies Trust

What next?

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Talk to one of our product specialists, ask any questions and find out more about Planet eStream...

Case Study
Independent School Network Enhances Digital Learning Provision with Planet eStream

The Girls’ Day School Trust is the UK’s leading network of independent girls’ schools, with 20,000 pupils aged three to 18 in 24 schools and two academies throughout England and Wales

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GDST Planet eStream GDST
Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up Planet eStream?

Your Planet eStream platform can be up and running within 24 hours. Our team will then run through a complete technical handover with your technical team, including platform admin set up, user permissions and integrations/authentication configuration.

Is Planet eStream a Cloud Platform?

Yes. We also offer a locally-hosted option for those wishing to host their platform internally.

How much does Planet eStream cost?

The cost of Planet eStream depends on the feature modules you require, and if you are a school group, the number of schools you have. The best way to get an accurate price is to email schools@planetestream.co.uk .

How many digital screens does Planet eStream support?

Our school licence has no limit to the number of screens

How many classrooms can I capture?

Our school licence has no limit to the number of classrooms or rooms you can record or stream from.

Can I live stream lessons?

Absolutely. With Planet eStream, lessons can be streamed live and simultaneously recorded for people to view on-demand at a later time.

What hardware do I need for classroom capture?

You will need a camera and microphone to record and stream lessons. We do offer some off-the-shelf hardware options here, but you may be able to utilise the equipment you already have. Feel free to talk to our friendly team about what hardware you will need schools@planetestream.co.uk

Does Planet eStream integrate with my learning platform / VLE?

Yes, we have integrations with many learning platforms. See the complete list here

Can I store Photos on Planet eStream?

Absolutely. Planet eStream event has a dedicated module for image and photo management, read more about our photo module

Can I share certain content across my school group?

It is your choice how content is shared. Individual schools usually store most of their videos within their school. However, there are certain items they may choose to share across their wider group or trust. Planet eStream provides the tools to support both scenarios.

Does each school in my trust/group need their own platform?

No. One central Planet eStream platform can support an entire school group, making it extremely flexible and cost-effective.

Can students watch videos on Planet eStream?

Yes. However, the built-in permissions let you control what videos they can watch.

Can I make interactive videos?

Yes, there is a powerful built-in toolset to add interactivity to your videos.

Can I have more than one piece of content on my signage screen?

Yes. You can add videos, photo galleries, social media feeds, school messages and much more to your digital signage designs. You can also schedule to show different content at different times of the day.

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The Next Steps...

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