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Unrivalled access to world-class educational content from a wide range of major broadcasters.

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Immediate Access to Over 2 Million TV & Radio Recordings and More...

Planet eStream provides access to resources in two very powerful ways.

The first is Planet eStream Connect. A library of over 2 million recordings, including the entire BBC Digital Archive.

The second is a cloud-based TV and Radio Recording service that allows staff to schedule and record programmes and films at the click of a button.

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Planet eStream TV and Radio Recording
Planet eStream Connect

Direct Access to an Archive of Over 2 Million Programmes and Films

Planet eStream Connect provides quick and easy access to high-quality broadcast content. This extensive library of TV programmes, radio broadcasts and films has over 2 million items and counting.

Educators are free to browse the archive and discover items to support their teaching. The comprehensive search tools allow them to find programmes and films they need, discover new content, and immediately download them without having to request and wait for items to be made available.

Once downloaded, videos are automatically made available on the organisation's Planet eStream Media Library. Here, they can be streamlined into learning resources using the intuitive built-in creative toolset.

School Groups and Multi-academy trusts
BBC Digital Archive

Planet eStream provides direct access to the entire BBC Digital Archive. This specific archive includes all BBC broadcasts dating back to 2007 and more.

Planet eStream Shakespeare
BBC Shakespeare Archive

This archive provides an excellent resource for English Literature. Containing over 550 plays, sonnets and documentaries dating back to the 1950s.

School Groups and Multi-academy trusts
Planet eStream Recorded Content Library

This vast and diverse pool of educationally rich broadcast content is an accumulation of all the TV and radio items recorded by Planet eStream users since the service started.

School Groups and Multi-academy trusts
Extended BBC Archive

Planet eStream also has access to an extended BBC content archive that houses millions of additional programmes. Content from this library can be requested using the built-in Archive Request Service.

School Groups and Multi-academy trusts
Blended Learning Consortium Content

Members of the Blended Learning Consortium (BLC) can find their subscription BLC content on the dedicated Blended Learning Consortium Channel hosted on the Planet eStream Connect service.

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TV & Radio Recording - Schedule, Record and Retain

The Planet eStream TV and Radio Recording service centres around a familiar electronic programme guide (EPG). It offers educators 24/7 access to record the broadcast TV and radio items they want to use as teaching materials. Recorded items are automatically made available on the organisation's Planet eStream Media Library so users can edit, share, and view them.

Freeview, Radio, and Satellite Recording

Included in the Planet eStream TV and Radio Recording service is access to record from over 80 Free-to-Air Freeview, Radio, and Satellite Channels.

Freeview, Radio, and Satellite Recording
Advanced Scheduling

Schedule programmes to record up to 7 days in advance or go back and record programmes that have already aired.

Advanced Scheduling
21 Day Buffer

Content is buffered, enabling users to retrospectively record an item up to 21 days after it was broadcast.

21 Day Buffer
EPG Search

There are 21 days of content from over 80 channels, so we added an EPG search to assist educators in finding programmes and films.

EPG Search
Series Link

Never miss a program! Use series links to record every episode of a particular series of programmes with a single click!

Series Link

All recordings will automatically include a subtitle option where available.


Using TV, Radio and Film Content to Create Video-Based Learning Resources

Planet eStream provides a built-in creative toolset that allows educators to easily turn content into streamlined learning resources that support their teaching and increase student engagement.

Here are just a few tools available...

Video Based Quiz Tools
Video-Based Quiz Tools

Create a simple and engaging mechanism for testing and tracking student progress by adding active learning elements such as questions to videos.

Video Editor
Video Editor

Create video-based learning resources by combining clips from multiple videos or quickly trimming unwanted sections from recordings.

Chapters, Notes & Documents
Chapters, Notes & Documents

Use written notes and linked documentation to highlight essential sections of videos and create a simple and effective student journey.

Subtitle Search
Subtitle Search

Search the subtitles from your chosen programme or film to find specific sections. It can also be used to search the subtitles of the entire Connect archive, providing an excellent way for educators to discover new content.

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